Cornwall Photo Tour - Landscape Photography, Seascapes, and Wildlife of the Moors

Join us for 5 days & 4 nights photographing the delights of the Bodmin Moor area of Cornwall.

Last updated: 18 Apr, 2024

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Dates & Times

Wed 13th – Sun 17th March, 2024

Guaranteed Departure!

Waitlist for future tours now available.

Fitness Level

Easy – Moderate


£1150pp (single room + en-suite)

£995pp (single room)

£750pp (twin share)


Single room + en-suite – Sold Out!

Single rooms – Sold Out!

Twin Share – Sold Out!


Professional Photo Guide

Transportation (return from London)

Cottage accommodation at a vegan farm with rescue animals

Telephoto lenses available (Canon EF, Nikon F mounts, Canon to Sony E adapter)

Kase filter kits for each participant to borrow

Small tour (max 5 participants)

Join Us

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through Cornwall’s majestic Bodmin Moor and explore its captivating seascapes during our immersive 5-day / 4-night photo tour.

Join us as we navigate diverse photography locations, seizing the opportunity to capture breathtaking shots of the landscape, and perhaps even delve into the mesmerizing beauty of the Milky Way if the night sky permits.

One of our location options is The Hurlers standing stones (below), a Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age series of stone circles over 2000 years old.

Perseid Meteor Shower over old mine building at Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Photo from our 2023 tour taken by participant Angela B.

A stormy day at The Hurlers standing stones in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall
Old mine on a cloudy day at Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Throughout our Cornwall Photo Tour, we will find solace at  Haye Cornwall, a distinctive farmstead retreat committed to the well-being of rescue animals, including beloved ponies, beach-ride donkeys, and battery hen chickens. By opting for this vegan farm accommodation, not only do we indulge in a serene getaway, but we also contribute to the noble cause of supporting these deserving creatures. Our passionate and informed hosts, Kate and Phil, will be on hand to talk about the animals and help with extra local knowledge.

Conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from Bodmin Moor, the largest segment of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and an International Dark-Sky landscape, we gain access to awe-inspiring natural settings that serve as the perfect canvases for our photography expeditions and tours.

One of the most interesting stops on our itinerary is The Hurlers standing stones (opposite), an intriguing collection of ancient stone circles that date back over 2000 years.

Enhanced by the presence of picturesque remnants of abandoned tin mines nearby, this location offers exceptional opportunities for photographers to capture photographs of vivid sunsets, dramatic cloud formations, and even mesmerizing shots of the night sky.

For those seeking an additional challenge, we may dare to ascend The Cheesewring, a captivating arrangement of meticulously stacked smooth stones overlooking the Moor.

Our photo holiday doesn’t stop there—other fantastic locations include exploring the enchanting rapids of Golitha Falls, photographing the rugged allure of the south coast beaches, and of course, immersing ourselves in the company of friends and capturing the essence of the rescued farm animals.

No matter the prevailing weather conditions or the nuances of lighting, our seasoned guides ensure that we seize every photographic opportunity. We deftly navigate between the breathtaking coastlines and the distinctive landscapes of Bodmin Moor, all while reveling in the added fun and possibility of capturing spellbinding sunsets. This tour promises an unforgettable experience for photography enthusiasts and beginners of all skill levels.

Long exposure image from photography workshop at Golitha Falls, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall
An unusual rock formation in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, named The Cheesewring.
Long exposure of a mos-covered Golitha Falls, Liskeard, Cornwall
Recommended Equipment
  • Wide angle lens – 16-35mm, 10-24mm, 14-24mm
  • Walk around/kit lens – 18-55mm, 24-70mm, 24-105mm
  • Longer focal length lens – 70-200mm (less used)
  • Tripod
  • Remote shutter release – we prefer a wired trigger as it saves battery over using your phone with wifi/bluetooth or a wireless trigger to reduce camera battery drain. Must have a lockable on switch so you don’t have to press the button every time.
  • Spare camera batteries – the multiple long exposures taken during astrophotography and the cold evenings will reduce battery life.  You may also consider bringing your battery charger as we have a dedicated power station that takes wall sockets and USB. 
  • Lens warmer & power bank (in case of condensation on lenses). An alternative is to wrap hand warmers around your lens.
  • Battery Charger (we have charging facilities on our vehicle)
  • Extra memory cards
  • ND Filters – optional/recommended for long exposures during the day – we have multiple sets of Kase ND filters available to borrow (please let me know the filter thread size of your lenses prior to the workshop)
  • Full wet weather gear – just in case! 

A full packing list will be provided prior to the tour.

Included / Not included
  • Included:
    • Professional photo guide & tuition.
    • Return transportation fom central London in our comfortable 8 seat vehicle.
    • Cottage accommodation with own room.
    • Kase filter kits if required
    • Battery charging facilities in vehicle

    Not included:

    • Personal & travel insurance
    • Food & drink
    • Travel to start point or from end point of tour.
    • Anything not specified as “Included”
Fitness Level

Easy to Moderate

This tour involves walking of up to 30 minutes along paths/trails and requires occasional short steep steps or inclines.  A person of average fitness level should have little difficulty.

Where we'll meet

Collection point for the tour is outside West Acton Station at 10:30 am.

West Action Station is on the Ealing Broadway branch of the Central Line.  The post code is W3 0DS.

The return journey will have two drop-off points.  The first is in central London, close to Warren Street, Euston Square, Euston, & Great Portland Street tube stations.

The second drop-off point will be West Acton Station.

We expect to return to London around 6-7 pm.


I had the pleasure to join Dion (UK Photo Tours) on 2 multi-day trips (Cornwall and Lake District) and it was an amazing experience.

Dion is a very skilled photographer who has a passion for sharing his knowledge, he’s well-versed in just about any aspect of photography and can benefit even the most experienced photographer.

What made the trips absolutely remarkable was Dion’s extensive knowledge of the areas we visited and deep understanding of what spot works best in specific weather conditions.

This allowed us to have a fluid agenda of places to visit to maximize our chances of getting the best photos even when weather conditions change throughout the day.

On top of all that, Dion is a really delightful person and great company on trips. He always accommodates everyone’s needs and makes the overall experience unforgettable.

Hesham G.

(Review for our accommodation)

So zen, so beautiful, so far away from the maddening crowd.

I stayed here while on a 5 days UK Photo Tours workshop and I really had a wonderful, relaxing time.

Out of the beaten path, surrounded by nature, peaceful and comfortable, thoughtfully decorated and with all the required amenities, the cottage is particularly welcoming, as is Kate and Phil as they introduced us to their rescued and visiting animals, shared their plans for the future and spoiled us with extremely fresh eggs from their chickens every day.

A special shout out to their ever young, sweet and cuddly dog!

Ioanna P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the tour and who can participate?

A: The Cornwall Photography Tour is a workshop designed for photographers of all levels who want to explore and capture the stunning landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife of Cornwall. It is a workshop open to adult photographers (18+) of all levels, from beginners to professionals, who have a passion for capturing the beauty of Cornwall through their lenses.

Q: What can I expect to learn?

A: Participants can expect to learn techniques to improve their photography skills, such as scouting locations, composition, settings, tricks and tips for different genres, and using filters, while capturing the essence of the Cornish landscape.

Q: How do I book a spot on the trip?

A: To book your place on the tour, simply visit our tours’ website and follow the booking instructions. Secure your spot to embark on a photography adventure in Cornwall.

Q: What makes Cornwall a photographer’s paradise?

A: Cornwall is renowned for its picturesque locations, from beautiful beaches to historic tin mines, making it a gem for photographers to capture stunning imagery.

Q: Will I have the opportunity for one-on-one guidance during the trip?

A: Yes, the tour provides opportunities for one-on-one mentoring with a professional photographer, allowing you to receive personalized guidance tailored to enhance your photographic skills.

Q: What is the best time to capture the Milky Way during the tour?

A: Given clear skies, the tour potentially offers the chance to capture details of the Milky Way in the dark skies of the UK’s South West, providing an opportunity for astrophotography enthusiasts.

Q: What sets the Cornwall Photography Workshop apart from other photography workshops?

A: The Cornwall Photography Tour stands out due to its focus on the unique Cornish landscape around Bodmin Moor and the coast to the south, offering fantastic locations and guidance from a professional photographer to help you capture the essence of Cornwall and of course give you a chance to capture your best photography in multiple genres.

Q: What is the main emphasis of the Cornwall Photography Tour?

A: The tour emphasizes not only capturing breathtaking landscapes, seascape photos, and wildlife images appreciating beautiful Cornwall but to educating and contributing to the care of rescued farm animals on a vegan farm. Our stay helps to contribute to the costs of the animal’s welfare at Haye Cornwall.

Q: For Beginners or Advanced Photographers?

Our photography holiday is for all levels. If a beginner, you can improve your photography in a picturesque part of the UK whilst practicing different genres – landscapes (including various sunset locations and a waterfall), coastal locations (learning filter use), wildlife (with telephoto equipment to borrow), personality-filled rescue animals at our lodging, and possibly some astrophotography. That’s a lot to practice on any photography course, but in this case, it is an escape to the country to be enjoyed whilst learning.  For advanced shutterbugs, there’s so much to see and explore!



Dion Hitchcock UK Photo Tours workshop guide

Dion Hitchcock

UK Photo Tours is owned and operated by professional photographer, Dion Hitchcock.

Dion brings over a decade of expertise in teaching and guiding photography. He is an expat Australian and when not running photography tours, resides in London, UK, running photography workshops or as a locum pharmacist. His extensive travel experiences, spanning over 40 countries, ignited his passion for photography as a means to chronicle his journeys. This passion quickly evolved into a profound interest, leading him to actively participate in various camera clubs, assisting them in conducting workshops. Today, Dion independently operates his own workshops mainly across the UK, and occasionally internationally.

His London-based photography Meetup groups have 7,000+ members and over 500 5-star ratings.

Dion still maintains his registration as a pharmacist professional, dedicating his time to aiding patients and educating pharmacy students. However, he has transitioned his time into the realm of photography, where he assists clients in understanding the craft’s technical and artistic aspects. This shift, though unconventional, aligns with his upbringing; both of his parents were artists who nurtured his appreciation for the world’s inherent beauty. His extensive photography experience, professional background, passion for teaching, and numerous five-star reviews ensures you’ll be in the best of care whilst on tour.

You can reach Dion at

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